About Us


Hattie Elizabeth Albrecht 02/01/02 - 12/06/02

This is our special girl who was with us for 10 months and 6 days and now is in Heaven. Hattie was beautiful and healthy and loved her sister Emma but contracted bacterial meningitis. After 24 hours at Children's Hospital, she woke up healed in heaven.  The Lord has used Hattie's life to lead our family into life of helping others.


How It Started

When you seem overwhelmed and trying to understand God’s plan for your life, JUST GO !!!!!  13 years ago I was asked by my friend George if I wanted to go along on a mission trip for the day to a little church in Tijuana. Emma, 5 at the time, loaded up with Nick, Woo-Jin, Jay, George, & Joe and we were moved powerfully ... In the middle of grief, anger, frustration over the death of Hattie ..... serving, loving others, and standing in line for 2 hours revealed a new plan for our family’s life. So we launched Help Hattie Help Others, H3O Foundation & Hattie's House. We've now been in Mexico the 2nd Saturday of every month since that day and now doing daily food distribution into Mexico, local outreaches, mission trips into Mexico and opened Hattie's House .... So my encouragement to you is Go serve... It’s such a blessing to Love God and Love Others


Team Albrecht

Jacob, Emma, Laurie, & Andy