Hattie's House guests are carefully matched with a screened volunteer host who will provide a safe, clean, comfortable place to stay and access to a bathroom. Hattie's House hosts are not required to provide transportation or meals. 


You are eligible to be a Hattie's House guest if you:

  • Live more than 45 miles from the treatment facility. 
  • Have a permanent home to return to after your stay.
  • Is an important support person for the patient.
  • Are a patient in active treatment (at least 1 appointment/week) or are an integral support person for the patient.
  • Are not likely to put the host family at risk. 
  • Is not moving to San Diego area permanently.

Hattie's House requires all patients staying in a host home to be accompanied by another guest. 

  1. Complete a housing application, either online by clicking the link below, or by calling us at (858) 204-1709 and speaking with a staff member.
  2. A staff member will call you to verify your application has been received.
  3. We call the references that you provided.
  4. We contact you to reconfirm your need for housing after the reference check is complete and cleared.
  5. We place you with a host home. We provide you with the host’s name, phone number, address, and approximate distance from the host home to your treatment facility. It is your responsibility to call the host directly and make arrangements for your arrival. If we are not able to match you with a host, we will refer you to other housing options in the area.
  6. Upon your arrival at the host home, you will receive a Welcome Packet that includes a donation envelope.

Online Application Click Link


  • We will then call each personal reference you provide. If we are not successful in getting a response after three attempts, we will ask you to provide a new reference. In order to expedite the reference check and the processing of your application, we suggest that you:

  1. Notify each reference in advance, provide some information about Hospitality Homes, and explain why we will be calling.
  2. Ask each reference to call Hattie's House directly.
  3. We will contact you to reconfirm your need for housing after all references are cleared.

Confirming A Stay

  • Although you may submit an application at any time, our host families often can't confim their plans until closer to your arrival date. We do our best to confirm your housing placement as soon as we heard from a host, however the timing is not predictable.
  • Placing you with a host family may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. As soon as we find housing for you, we will call you and provide the host’s name, phone number, address, and approximate distance from the host home to your treatment facility. It will then be your responsibility to call the host directly and make arrangements for your arrival. If we are not able to match you with a host, we will refer you to other housing options in the area.


  • To help us serve more families in need we ask you to consider making a donation of $20 per night. Make a donation online (click link below) today or fill out the donation envelope in the Guest Welcome Packet at your host home. 

Share Your Story

  • We hope you will share your story with us. Please leave us your testimonial in the plain piece of paper provided to you in the Guest Welcome Packet or send us an e-mail at Please share your experience on our facebook page.


What Families Are Saying

Hattie's House was such a blessing for my sister and me. I was required to travel across the country for surgery and was contacted by Andy from a referral he received. He and his wife, Laurie, offered us a room in their beautiful home to stay during our visit. This amazing family opened their home to us for four days and we felt so welcomed. They were so kind, helpful, and offered such a sense of peace during a stressful time. They even included us in their family dinner every night that we were there. Their children, Emma and Jacob, were polite and you could feel such a love and respect the whole family have for each other and their home. Their loving prayers and guidance helped us to make our stay and return home much easier. We are so thankful to Andy, Laurie, Emma, and Jacob for the graciousness and love they showed us during our stay. 

Sincerely, Sherrie Zandstra



After receiving treatment in the hospital for numerous weeks following an unexpected emergency surgery I was excited to finally be discharged. I was looking forward to being able to continue healing and resting in the comfort of my own home. I was disappointed to learn that although discharged, my doctors required me to remain in San Diego, close to the hospital, for a week until my first follow up appointment. Having to adjust to the post surgery care I required, and now having to worry about where to stay and how to get through the upcoming week, I was not sure what to do. 

Unsure of where to turn and not from the area, my parents and I came across Hattie’s House. We were matched up with a wonderful host family and were so blessed to be able to stay there for the duration of my time in San Diego. This match could not have been more perfect. We had our own space which was comfortable and allowed me to easily care for my medical needs. It allowed opportunity for my parents and I do be together during this time and it relieved the burden of having to be away from home longer than expected. Hattie’s House really is a home away from home and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have stayed there.


To the organization who was there for me in a time of need. Hattie's House I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me. I was diagnosed in March 2018 for breast cancer and it really took a toll on me I had radiation treatment and it was scheduled a distance from my home in Lake Elsinore CA and Monday through Friday treatments became difficult on me to drive. My Doctor was in Encinitas. My sister contacted Andy at Hattie's House after searching on the web looking through endless emails and calls to other places and she found Hattie's House and Andy called her back right away. 

We were so blessed to have help in such short notice I was placed with a lovely family ( Jay & Carol ) near my Doctor and was able to get through my radiation. Thanks to Hattie's House I was safe and close to the doctor. I can't thank God and all who cared enough for me, my second family Jay & Carol wow!!!, including everyone else. I will continue to get through my journey with prayers and support, thanks to everyone and Andy thanks for having these homes for people going through a difficult battle with out your place I wouldn't have made it. Thanks so much again for your support and guidance and prayers. Thank you Andy, Jay & Carol !!! Love Margerite Gallegos and Family Lake Elsinore California